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    Sol this looks right up your alley. It SOUNDS like the way you describe your response to Dermacrine.

    You seem to be pretty experienced. In which case, what androgenic compounds have you ran in the past?
    speaking of dermacrine, i am 6 days into it stacked with formadex. results are more like furazadrol, ive dropped 4 lbs and noticed muscle hardening. not the aggression of mmv2. seriously considering adding mmv2 to the mix. hopefully t911 will be available for pct.

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    ..and its feedback like that, that makes me want to buy it now.
    I really think you'll like it sol.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  3. Dermacrine is BOMB! Felt like I was running a low dose of test prop. No exaggeration.
    Freedom means nothing here.



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