I-GH-1 question

  1. I-GH-1 question

    I recently used a 60 cap bottle of I-GH-1 that I got bundled with Formadrol. The sleep and recovery were amazing but I found it difficult to wake up and felt lethargic until noon. Is this a normal occurrence with this product? Thanks for any help

  2. Not usually, since it doesn't really contain any sleep aids. Maybe cut the dose back a bit?

  3. For me, and this is just my opinion, on any type of good GH booster whenever i wake up in the AM i feel a little groggy, once im awake though i feel amazing.

    Unfortunately for me, GH booster, enhancers, and sleep aids where off rather quickly, but for the first couple of weeks or so, i do wakeup groggy a bit.
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