New Formadrol Extreme

  1. New Formadrol Extreme

    Sorry if this has been answered just got in stock at my store today the new version of Form, and would like to know what exactly is the new AI.

  2. We are just using Androsterone only in the new Formadrol vs. Androsterone/ATD combo.

    Androsterone is still a very good AI...

    We also added in some new things like the Ginger which really helps recovery for PCT and a higher dosed SERM (Ellagic Acid)

    Ginger 10X Extract
    "The aqueous extract of Z. officinale significantly increased in the relative weight of the testis, the serum testosterone level, testicular cholesterol level and epididymal a-glucosidase activity."

  3. Thank you. What other products have androsterone in them? I am just trying to get an idea of dosing and how this will effect my system. THanks

  4. None, methyl masterdrol has EpiAndrosterone in it though...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LegalGear View Post
    None, methyl masterdrol has EpiAndrosterone in it though...
    Thank you!




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