Lecheek nutrition stack questions

  1. Lecheek nutrition stack questions

    Posted the following in the main supplement section before noticing there was a subform:

    A mate of mine has ordered the lecheek nutrition stack of Mass HGH, Testodrol x9 and ad-3 PCT, and I am considering
    ordering it. I have a few questions though. Firstly, all products are to be taken at night as far as I know, how
    would you go about it if you are taking 3 products, surely you cant take them all at once? Also should I run them all at the same time, or should each product be started at a certain period in the "cycle". My next question is would this stack see its greatest potential results on a cut? Or would it be best waiting for use during bulking?

    Also is there anything I shouldnt be taking while on the stack? Creatine? Alcohol must be a big no no too, considering
    these products are to be taken at night?

    Finally, this is probably stupid but, there is no way any of these products could damage my natural test production? Or could any side effects last well on from stopping taking the product?

    If any of you have any experience or stories from taking any or all 3 of these products, please feel free to share.

  2. Deano 2727 sorry for the late response! Maybe some if not all of your questions can be answered a few post down in this same section.

    How to stack Mass HGH&AD-3 PCT

    The majority of Lecheek Nutrtions products are meant for stacking and it is best to take the products as directed.

    The products will work great for either a bulk or cut.

    You can check out my past log on the majority of our products.
    Marms and Lecheek MASS HGH
    Use code marms for 25% off also works with IRON LEGION

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