First off, thanks to the Lecheek rep for sending me samples of Melt Xtreme and Speed Xtreme.

I have yet to try the pre-workout, but will do a little writeup for that product when I sample it as well.

Now, onto Melt Xtreme...

I took one capsule approximately 30-40 minutes after eating. I felt a decent stimulation within 30 minutes and within 45 minutes I was definitely stimulated, but not shaky or anything like that.

I started a project, and the next thing I knew, 2 hours passed. My mind was flying.

I didn't eat the rest of the night, and that says something about the appetite suppression.

I experienced no harsh comedown or crash.

I would definitely use this supplement in the future, and particularly would like to see how the addition of the diuretic in the formula would cut me up over a couple weeks of regular use.

Overall, I'd give this supplement a 10 for living up to it's label claims and providing a strong, smooth stimulant with just one cap.