Speed Xteme log opportunity

  1. Speed Xteme log opportunity

    Alright guys Im looking for 5 people to log our pre workout supplement Speed Xteme. Must be 18 or older and must give detailed logs. Like workouts, diet and changes your seeing in mood,focus,energy and strength gains. If you are not willing to log this product until it is empty please do not sign up and take someones place who will log this properly. Thanks guys cant wait to check out the results.


  2. get your apps in. I liked their sample and felt good pumps, energy and intensity. Good opportunity here for the winners.

  3. Great stuff I was looking forward to this coming out tho see how it works after a few weeks.

  4. Yeah get in here guys you will love this product!!!Its now available in Fruit Punch and Lemon Rage

  5. I cant believe that everyone is not all over a preworkout ???????

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    Did you guys post this (or another thread with a link to this one) over in the Company Promotions section? If you haven't, I'd suggest that - it'll get a ton of traffic.
    I'd second this ^^

    Was pretty impressed with the sample of Speed Xtreme that I tried.
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  7. Id like to get in on this if you dont mind waiting about 3-4 weeks for me to start! The sample I received made for a great workout.

  8. Yes Please!!!!! The sample I received was awesome...

    Age: 23
    Build: 6'3 235
    Supp History: Multiple PHs (SD, HD, Epi), PreWorkouts (Jack3d, N2KTS, etc...), natty test boosters, etc...

    I'm currently running an HD/Epi Bridge. I am in week 6 and only on HD right now. I would like a good pre-workout for my PCT. Currently using a 5/3/1 routine and getting great gains. I would like to have even more of a boost during workouts if possible. Thanks for the opportunity guys!


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