Lecheek Nutrition's "Speed-Xtreme"

  1. Thumbs up Lecheek Nutrition's "Speed-Xtreme"

    I was lookin into purchasing a new pwo after my SuperPump Maxx finished and then "BOOM" here comes Lecheek Nutrition with their samples of Speed Xtreme. So i asked for a sample, received and consumed it, and was shockingly suprised by how fast it kicked in and how long it lasted. Now i wasn't exactly sure on how many servings were in the sample, but i was charged. .
    So i decided to give this one a go and log it. Will start things off tomorrow, for those interested feel free to sub. Now before i even start the log i reckon there's a new kid on the p.w.o block and his name is "Speed Xtreme"

  2. Thanks brother for the review , enjoy

  3. (Yesterday)

    Holy sh!t Lecheek. Thank you for puttin out such an potent product. the mixability and taste is awesome. I could drink this through-out the day cause it taste so good, especially for a pwo. Usually pwo's have an after taste and taste mediciny(if thats a word) but you get my point. 2 thumbs up already and i only took it twice. Just ordered(yesterday) some agmatine to add to it to increase my pump. But yall definitely found the right name for your product, cause that's exactly what it does to me, is give me Xtreme Speed during my workouts. I intended on doing something lite last night, like a 45 minute workout and before you know it an hour and a half had just flew by.

    Body is saw but feels good actually. cannot wait till my next dosing, truly. Like i said if i could i'll drink this stuff like juice it'll be drunk, cause it tastes that good. But being i just woke up and am already charged i'll wait till this afternoon before my workout.

    For anyone lookin to buy a pwo, please do not hesitate considereing this Speed Xtreme by Lecheek Nutrition as a candidate. For sure you'll be satisfied.

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