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  1. Quote Originally Posted by vitaminstore3 View Post
    hey thats a good point on the non flavored nice!
    if it holds down the price, go for it.

  2. This is Wat I just made at custom capsule.
    Basella alba 10:1 1000mg
    Cordyceps 20% 1000mg
    Fenugreek 50% 1000mg
    Natural v E 30iu
    Lonjack 100:1 1000mg
    All in 7 caps got two batches I call em HOSSCAPS.
    600 caps

  3. Yup good supplements, j.o. Owner...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by needtogetmuscle View Post
    I beg to differ my man. Tribs not useless. People just need to understand and research more. Tribs not going to raise test but for the record it will up regulate sex hormone receptors. When used in the right combo it can be great for sex drive.

    Love hearing about new products. Good luck to this and kill that **** to all.
    Agreed...Trib is great for raising Dopamine as well.


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