ALR Industries has designed what may well be the premiere safe and truly effective pro-anabolic for both men and women. With Pro-Anabol? we are setting the standard yet again.

Everyone in the supplement industry and the athletic community at large have been looking for the next so-called "pro-hormone replacement." Big surprise there, huh?

Pro-hormones of the past were so effective that looking for something as good or better has become a bit of an obsession.

Did ALR Industries Make a Pro-Hormone Replacement?

Nope, we built a better mouse trap instead?as always. Mediocrity sucks, so we are always on a quest to do better than before. Why accept anything except for being the top dog?


Who didn?t like the muscle gains seen during cycles of the more powerful pro-hormone products? Problem is that there were way too many side affects in the negative category:

  • HPTA shut-down (raisin nuts?Honey I shrunk ?the boys?)
  • Masculinization of females (not cool)
  • Aromatization to estrogen (gyno)
  • Negative effects upon cholesterol
Obviously we all loved the positive effects:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased fat deposits
  • Faster recovery
  • Increased strength
  • Increased libido

What if we could have all of the positive effects without the negative ones? All of the ALR Industries sponsored athletes used Pro-Anabol? during this seasons contest prep for a reason?

Science Geek Stuff

Everyone has heard of ecdysterone and ecdysteroids and knows that they do have ?some? benefits, however, they are found, even at high doses, to be relatively mild. Notably, they have a pure pro-anabolic effect with no androgenic side effects, but again due to issues of absorption and bioavailability?as well as transcriptional factors (information given by a compound at the receptors) they have not panned out in the real world use of athletes and bodybuilders.

Actually it is the cholesterol side chain of ecdysteroids that inhibits the possibility for any degree of notable androgen receptor (AR) stimulation and obviously as well potentially higher potency and transcriptional activity. For a steroidal structure to properly engage the AR-receptor there must be a hydroxyl group at the 17 position of the compound. Let?s see if I can explain that a little better.

An AR-receptor is like a lock in that it takes the right key to actuate its mechanism. So if the wrong key or compound is inserted into the lock or receptor then it is not going to open the door you want it to. In the case of ecdysteroids, the area of the key that needs to be re-structured so it works in the receptor is at carbon-17 by way of adding a hydroxyl group.

So We Found a Hydroxyl Group at 17?then kept going!

ALR Industries brings you with their patent status MDHR? the very first highly bioavailable and truly potent derivative of a naturally occurring plant based ecdysteroid. The base compound is called Dihydrorubrosterone, a naturally occurring ecdysteroid that is notably absent of the cholesterol group at position-17, but has a hydroxyl group at the all important 17-position. Furthermore, we have added a17-position methyl ether to increase both the bioavailability and overall potency. And a real plus is no liver stress like that realized from use of some of the older pro-hormone products. The result is a highly pro-anabolic compound with excellent oral bioavailability.

The revolution of the ecdysteroid has arrived with MDHR? and you won?t find this type of ecdysteroid anywhere else as it is a patent status exclusive to ALR Industries.

Synergy is Everything

Our next heavy hitter is a very potent and very deliberately produced proprietary extraction from the well known Maca plant, also known as Lepidium Meyenii, we have called Macabol?. We are not going into great detail on what we have done here to maintain our proprietary intellectual property and unique advantage, but to put it mildly we tweaked out some highly potent pro-anabolic, energizing, and lipolytic properties from this herbal wonder. Libido and recovery are also shown to be markedly enhanced in almost all users. We really do not have to say much as you?ll feel doubt!

One Last Synergist?

Though certainly not the big star of this pro-anabolic matrix, Bio-kines? is a proprietary bioactive bovine serum extract designed to:

? Bioactive Hormones, growth factors and cytokines promote cell growth
? Activation of immune system thereby preventing protein and energy loss.
? Enhances nutrient utilization
? Increases retained nitrogen, promotes weight gain
? Increased retained energy.
? Reduced protein and amino acid catabolism, improves protein retention
? Increases lean muscle mass.

We are extremely proud of the results our newest performance design Pro-Anabol? has delivered for our athletes over the past year. They train, eat and supplement to exceed mediocrity just like you do. Just think about it?

  • Serious pro-anabolic support
  • Superior recovery
  • Increased lean mass
  • Increased strength
  • Decreased fat mass
  • No estrogen increase
  • Increased libido
  • No masculinizing side affects.
  • No post cycle recovery needed

Hmmm, guess we did build a better mouse trap?once again.

Whether used alone or in combination with other ALR Industries products, Pro-Anabol? will help both men and women reach their goals without par. The revolution continues with the Evolution of sports supplements that is ALR Industries.