Bad Ass Mass Info - Final Writeup

  1. Bad Ass Mass Info - Final Writeup

    Okay, So I Was Wrong…

    There is always more than a few times in every researcher’s career when admitting an error, even when the error was based upon valid research, is necessary. Okay, at least it should be necessary. So here we go…

    There is a group of compounds called spirostanes. Technically speaking they are, by definition, steroid derivatives containing a fused lactone ring at the 16,17-position and a spiroglycosidic linkage at C-22.

    The most common representatives in this group are the plant-derived sapogenins (remember that word, it would be important in a few minutes) that include spirostenes, spirostadienes, and spirostatrienes.

    Big deal, huh?

    A few years ago several such BS-hype products were sold as bodybuilding supplements by way of some “promise the world” magazine ads. The compounds were usually referred to as “sterols” because it sounds so much like “steroids”. Of course, for the most part, they really were useless…at least without the help of some serious structural alterations (that would result in anabolic steroids on the controlled substance list and a visit from one of the not so friendly Federal Agencies who keep it all in line).

    Truth is that for years I made jest of the products and tossed them “all” into the same group…like most any other credible researcher. Even after some of the Russian studies showed that there are “specific” sapogenins on par with some of the most effective muscle building compounds used by Russian athletes in days gone by…I still clowned the idiocy and grouped them rather than re-examine the individual compounds and actually TEST them. Hmmm, okay…

    ALR Industries is Proud to Announce an Error

    While researching and testing the plant based pro-anabolic matrix in our well known lean mass product Jungle Warfare™, we found some interesting sapogenins (yes, those) that seemed to support mass building rather well. Then we found some that did so even better. Yeah, I know, I said in an old article that they “could not do s**t”, but the stuff was adding some poundage to test subjects when we were almost positive it was not even possible. I mean it was meant to act as a placebo, you know, like a control! So what now? Duh! Being a bunch of performance freaks at heart, we of course kept testing additional plant sources and analogs for affect, potency and potential synergy.

    I know, yes there are several other sapogenin and lignan based products out right now, and of course everyone is claiming theirs is the best based upon something like higher dosage (if you need more, is it really an efficient or powerful compound to start with?) or some simple hydroxyl alteration they claim makes it a super pro-anabolic. Some even missed the importance of the right amount of estrogen in the body to fuel the GLUT-4 receptors to maximize mass gain (hmmm, it is either a dry cutting compound or a wet mass building compound…but it cannot be both). And the right ester structuring for highest bioavailability is a must often missed.
    Fact is that they are all good products in some manner. Bashing any of them would be a little childish as well as a lie, and all product designers/manufacturers do the best they could with what they had to work with. Not everyone has ALR Industries experience with “real world” results or has as many successful products as we have to base it upon. We’ll just keep doing what we have always loved doing (Building Beasts) and let the rest do the marketing angles thing and debates….or not.

    So read on and let us know your results!

    Do You Have Serious Bad Ass Mass?

    Everyone wants to pack on the pounds of new mass. And we already know we need to eat some serious calories (clean diet please with about 20 calories per pound of bodyweight daily) and train like a beast to make this even possible. But the search for the most effective supplemental aids and stacks best for pro-anabolic (as in “supports muscle growth”) aids is always ongoing. Get it right, and you get serious bad ass mass bragging rights with size and strength…as well as sex drive…and lots of each. Right?

    Bad Ass Mass™ from ALR Industries

    The unique sapogenins matrix in Bad Ass Mass™ is specifically structured to optimize a healthy pro-anabolic environment without producing any unwanted side effects. Notably, we have included sapogenins from a variety of sources that encompasses the broadest range of desirable effects on supporting pro-anabolism in the body with the greatest potency possible. Although there are a few other good sapogenins products available, this is not like any other product out at this time. (Hey, try it and get back to us)

    We have extracted and structured four active (thought I would never say this) sapogenins for the following purposes that synergistically work together to create an optimized effect for muscle repair and recovery.

    A Complete unique sapogenin matrix supports a mass building pro-anabolic environment through synergistic mechanisms:

    1) Stimulate muscle AR’s for enhanced protein synthesis and tissue repair
    2) Bind SHBG (you know, those proteins that keep testosterone in bondage) to increase levels of free testosterone
    3) Increase LH/FSH (testes stimulating hormones) to maximize output of natural testosterone
    4) Increase glycogen retention and optimize internal hydration levels
    5) Support superior protein synthesis through modulation of transcription factors
    6) Inhibits excessive cortisol levels for an anti-catabolic effect
    7) Promote recovery of the neuromuscular matrix
    8) Provide superior results either in a synergistic stack or as a standalone supplement

    How Is This Different From Other Pro-Anabolics?

    Notably this is all achieved without any exogenous hormones whatsoever, and importantly (in the case of creating optimal environment for increasing lean body mass and weight) not utilizing anti-estrogenic compounds. What, no AI’s? (Aromatase inhibitors)

    The use of AI’s has pretty much become the supplement industry standard for testosterone boosting. And it works pretty well. Jungle Warfare™ and Restore™ are serious products for this reason….and others.

    The way AI’s work is by controlling the aromatase enzyme that converts susceptible androgens (like testosterone, androstenediol and others your body makes) into estrogens. When there is too much estrogen in the body it shuts down the HPTA and the “boys” stop kicking out the testosterone. Well, AI’s shut down the excess estrogen production and the “boys” get to run wild for awhile. Big problem with most AI’s is the possible false positive test results for athletes.

    This is important for superior mass gains:

    Usually the very low circulating estrogen levels required for anti-estrogens to positively affect natural testosterone levels will suppress or decrease proper intracellular fluid retention in muscle. This in return prohibits the muscle from achieving maximal glycogen, nutrient and water up-take that promote muscle fullness and optimized anabolism. In short, less cell food means less cell size and growth.

    While being very dry is important for shows, and there is a period in every protocol that estrogen suppression is significantly beneficial. In fact, lately there is a much needed and much over looked mass gaining synergy that results from having the “right amount” of circulating estrogen at the right period to assure maximum growth and recovery.

    Even more so when you really need to pack on the mass. Of course this makes Bad Ass Mass™ a Bad Ass stacker too.

    Note that illegal true mass building steroid cycles always included the ability to have an optimal effect of this nature, without falling over into excess.

    (25R) – 4-Spirosten-3b,6b-diol: The plant 4-Spirosten analogs appear to have the potential for mild aromatization thus aiding synergistically in mass gain oriented product designs. In the original testing (and according to the Russians) the structure overall was a good standalone compound for weight and strength gain support but in our opinion was best when we augmented Bad Ass Mass™ with synergists like any stack. Does it work? Well, we have a patent pending on it at the moment so we obviously think so.

    (25R) -5- Alpha-Spirostan-6-one-3b-ol: Here is an interesting non-aromatizing compound that the Russians bragged a bit about as being superior for strength and hardness. Personally (and I do not blame other sharp researchers for continuing to doubt its value) I noted an increase in hardness, strength and libido after about the first week of use.

    Since we were getting good results with these two unlikely compounds we finished the design with two extracts we have had good results from.
    Ptychopetalum Olaoides Extract: Okay, so this is also another odd one but so was creatine monohydrate when it first hit the general market. (Athletes had been using it for years before then). A simple name for this herbal is Muira Puama which is an extract from a plant in the Amazon region of South America. It has been widely used as a powerful aphrodisiac, nerve stimulant, tonic and cure for rheumatism and muscle paralysis. We used it as an overall adaptagen. Over a period of about 2 weeks we have seen (and felt) a significant increase in training intensity as a result of use. Finding the right extraction method for potency and affect was the hard part. (Lots of Third Party Reference reading at the end for those interested)
    Basella Rubra: No doubt many are going nuts on PubMed and elsewhere trying to figure this one out. Simple, it has some interesting carriers in it, and some other aspects I will explain in the up-coming FAQ.
    With the addition of Bad Ass Mass™ we have created this optimized environment that is so important in fostering the ultimate conditions for maximum accrual of lean body mass. Yes, and this facet seems to be all too often neglected. As such Bad Ass Mass™ is, as the name says, the newest tool to slap layers of Bad Ass Mass on your frame.

    Bad Ass Mass™
    Suggested Retail $69.99

    Of course each of the ALR Industries Size and Strength Series products will provide excellent results. However many muscle and performance enthusiasts are looking for the ultimate edge in total Lean Mass accruement and how can they get it the fastest. For them we offer the Size and Strength Evolution Stack

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