Hey man - Island Supplements #1 New Store

  1. Hey man - Island Supplements #1 New Store

    Yancey thanks for the awesome communication with my order to Canada. Now just hoping the customs guys aren't complete C U Next Tuesdays and I get my Pherabol and Zol to start 'er up next week. I'll try to let you guys know how the cycle of this goes. Im thinking:
    1-4 Phera @ 20mg/day
    3-6 Zol @ 150mg/day
    T-Drive pct and of course the usual suspects as far as support sups go.
    Gonna start at this and play it by ear, If i can handle the sides I'm gonna maybe try the Phera for 5 weeks. I've handled E_Max well in the past so let's hope for the best.
    Anyhoo, thanks again Island. You guys rock.

  2. You should be fine with customs. All my orders have come through. My orders take about 10-14 days to get here and I'm in Alberta. Only had to pay a few customs fees but nothing major. I'm sure you will have no problem Island is grrrreat!

  3. Ya I'm not too worried, my last order came through fine - 2 bottles of ergo and T drive - with no problems, not even a fee I believe.

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