Sale on ANAGEN/LIPID FX Stack $44.99

  1. Sale on ANAGEN/LIPID FX Stack $44.99

  2. The link doesn't seem to be working.

  3. I just tried their site and it's not working either...

  4. We are switching servers so we will be down for a day.l

  5. Could you tell me what lipid fx is then? I have an idea via the name; who makes it? Is it a Scivation product as well?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by biggunther
    BOth products are made by Scivation
    Scivation: LipidFX™ product information page.
    Thanks...I shot that one off before I thought about it. I edited my post...then came back to edit it again and say that I found...low and behold you were quicker than I was. Sorry, should have looked before I leapt. Thanks for the link.


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