Complete Protein Review

  1. Complete Protein Review

    Alright everyone I am currently using the Complete protein by IML and I have to say I love it.
    I will go ahead and throw out there that my favorite protein is banana Muscle Milk but seriously who can afford that ****?
    So I usually drink Optimum Nutrition chocolate protein. Good stuff, especially mixed with milk.
    The other week I decided to try IMLs protein. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This stuff is good. I have the chocolate and can't speak on the taste of the other flavors but:
    Taste 8/10
    Mixability: not sure I always use a blender. But, it seems it will mix easy enough in a shaker cup.
    Texture: its good, not grainy or weird. really like some thick chocolate milk

    Now I know people are like yeah your an IML rep of course your going to say it is good stuff...but I promise you if you buy this product you will be surprised.

    Now I wish IML would make some protein bars that taste half as good!
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  2. The chocolate complete is my fav but for dieting I like the vanilla whey isolate.
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  3. I may give the Isolate a go next month.
    But, I am pretty excited about this Chocolate!
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kBrown View Post
    I may give the Isolate a go next month.
    But, I am pretty excited about this Chocolate!

    You won't bw disappointed

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