OSTA Rx™ Sponsored Log!!!

  1. Cool OSTA Rx™ Sponsored Log!!!

    First and foremost thank you For giving me the opportunity to log this brand new product, couldn't be more excited about it! I am officially done with my PCT from a 6 week epi/trenazone/transaderm, still taking 2 caps of erase for the next week then dropping down to 1 a day for 2 more weeks.
    RMR:2650cals (per korr)

    I still have some undesirable body-fat so this will be a bridge/re-comp, calories will be at maintenance (2900kcal) on lifting days and a small deficit on cardio days (2250).
    fat/carb/prot = 25/45/30

    Workout routine is GVT as you will see in this log. Lifting days are Mon/Wed/Fri, each lifting session is going to be followed up by 30 minutes of cardio. Tues/thurs/sat will consist of ab work as well as 45 minutes of cardio (dedicated cardio, i also teach grp fitness classes which adds more cardio into the mix).

    Dose timing:
    1st cap: 8 am
    2nd cap: 1pm
    3rd cap: 7pm

    Support supplements:
    C.E.L. Cycle assist
    Opti-men Multivitamin
    Fish oil
    BCAA (8:1:1)
    Protein powder

    Will post continue this post after my workout which will be around 9pm tonight due to a busy schedule.

  2. Great. Will be following!
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  3. In for the ride.

  4. For those not fammiliar with GVT, this workout focuses on strict rest period, and aiming for 10 reps each set. Lifting at 60%1rm
    Day 1 workout
    Flatt BB Bench 185lbs
    Bent over BB Rows 185lbs
    Hanging Leg Raise
    Close grip pulldown 125lbs

    Overall i'm highly angry as i just developed forearm splints! FKN-A! Lets see if i can recover in time for fridays workout, so far not feeling much of an effect, maybe a nice pump but thats about it.

    Off Day, did about an hour of LISS cardio, and some abs but nothing special.

  5. Thanks for the log brother!
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  6. Any updates? Curious on results.

  7. 2 total posts in 2 wks, winning.
    Strongest On The Market
    RECOVERBRO: Est. Post #3222

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CopyCat View Post
    2 total posts in 2 wks, winning.
    Yeah, if I was IML I'd be upset about this "sponsored" log. Hope the sponsorship discount wasn't too good lol.

  9. Would like an update bro.

  10. Im logging osta on my dime. Pick me next time and I won't let you down brother. Im about to go from osta rx straight into forged dzine xtreme . Unless you send me some super dmz. Lol


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