The Neck's Favorite IML Stacker

  1. The Neck's Favorite IML Stacker

    In the past two years I've run various stack combinations and to date the best stack I've run for overall solid strength increases is a 6wk Super-DMZ/Halo-Extreme combination. As a lot of you know I'm a PLer & my approach when putting together a cycle has everything to do with strength by adding to my overall total on the big 3 lifts.

    My diet during this run was anywhere from 3,500-4,200cals e/d (middle of the road as far as clean diets are concerned), protien intake was 280-320g e/d, & my training routine was a Hussey/Westside Hybrid.

    Noticeable sides were back pumps, minor acne on shoulders & increased libido.

    End result 4wks "post" PCT was a net gain of 14LBM (19lbs going into PCT) & added 65lbs to my overall total. Not to mention I look even sexier than before if that's possible.

    Here is a layout of the exact cycle I ran. I will like to mention this isn't something I would recommend to a first time or intermediate user. I'm not a big advocate of oral only runs, but I felt the need to report back real world results based on a cycle I know would yield some solid results.

    Super-DMZ ~ Weeks 1-4, 3caps e/d, AM/PM Dosing
    Halo-Extreme ~ Weeks 1-6, 4caps e/d, AM/PM Dosing
    Ultra-Male ~ Weeks 2-8 1cap, e/d, AM Dosing
    Anabolic Matrix ~ Weeks 4-10, 2caps e/d, AM/PM Dosing
    Advanced Cycle Support ~ Weeks 1-10, 3caps e/d, AM/PM Dosing
    Milk Thistle ~ Weeks 1-10, 3caps e/d, AM/PM Dosing
    E-Control ~ Weeks 6-10, 2caps e/d, AM/PM Dosing

  2. You stack dmz with halo extreme?
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  3. Some good positive feedback on SDMZ and Halo Ex stacked in experienced users.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Airborne42 View Post
    You stack dmz with halo extreme?
    That is correct & will do again.

  5. Hell ya
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