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    Super-DMZ Rx Review
    By Mike Arnold

    If you want a product which can rival illegal steroids, have no doubt…Super DMZ is it. In short, you can expect massive size @ strength gains within a short period of time. According to Vida (an anabolic reference guide which measures the strength of a steroid), the compounds contained in Super DMZ not only surpass drugs such as Deca and Dianabol in terms of anabolic potency, but they even exceed that of Anadrol and Testosterone itself.

    While those bold claims are based on scientific research, how does Super DMZ stack up in the real world? Let’s put it this way. After working in the BB’ing industry and using steroids for many years, I can tell you decidedly that not only does Super DMZ meet these claims, but it’s delivers a combination of attributes that cannot be matched by any other steroid product, either OTC or prescription.

    With Super DMZ, you can expect Anadrol-like size @ strength gains, extreme pumps, and enhanced muscle fullness, but that’s not all. Unlike other mass-builders, which are all too often accompanied by a bloated and water-logged appearance, Super DMZ will result in a tight, hard, dry, and vascular look to the musculature. In essence, you’ll not only be big, you’ll look good. Super DMZ is the ultimate mass-building cutter.

    This is no sales pitch, nor did I exaggerate any of the claims made above. This stuff is for real and if you want to experience what 1000’s of people all over the world are calling the best gains they have ever made in their life, I suggest you give it a try. For a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for much weaker, illegal compounds, Super DMZ is worth more than every penny. Hell, IronMagLabs should double the cost.

    Despite having used just about every steroid on the market today, I have never used a product which was able to add more lean muscle or strength within such a short period of time. It doesn’t matter what your goals are…bulking, cutting, or gaining strength, Super DMZ will get you there a hell of a lot faster.


  2. Nice, one of our best products for sure!!

  3. Neck....been looking to run IML for the first time....know you guys mentioned Halo for a first run...but after reading up on Super DMZ really want to give it a try....thoughts? Also the full stack on the website is all that's needed correct? Any discounts offered?

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