Question about shipping DMZ/1-andro to Canada

  1. Question about shipping DMZ/1-andro to Canada

    I am planning to order 6 bottles of Super-DMZ, 3 bottles of 1-Andro, and 3 bottles of E-Control From the Ironmagelabs site. The problem is that I live in Canada and am not sure whether I should take the risk of having my package held through customs.
    I haven't ordered any PH's since sold them a couple years ago, and am under the assumption that things have cracked down a lot now.

    So basically my questions are:
    -Can/will I have any problems with my order going through customs?
    -(If so) what is the likelyhood my package will be seized
    -Does Ironmaglabs refund these orders if they are sent back by customs since they are being labelled as legal?

    Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  2. PM sent.

  3. can you pm me about this as well i'm quite curious if it'll get through

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