IronMagLabs Monster Stack

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    IronMagLabs Monster Stack

    This would be a total of a 6wk cycle +PCT;

    Super-DMZ Rx 1-4wks - 40/40/40/40 -e/d.
    1-Andro Rx 1-6wks - 6caps/6caps/6caps/6caps/6caps/6caps - e/d.
    Anabolic Matrix Rx 6-10wks - 4caps/4caps/4caps/4caps - e/d.
    E-Control Rx 4-6wks - 2caps/2caps (or as needed) - e/d.
    Advanced Cycle Support Rx 1-10wks "Details Coming Soon" All Inclusive Liver/Organ Protection.

    This cycle would yield great results in conjunction with Test. Not recommeded for a first time/beginner cycle. > 20% Off Coupon Code = theneck >
    10% Off Coupon Code = theneck

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    this looks like a great idea for a stack. onlything i'd take out is the atd, but thats just cause me an atd aren't friends.

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