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  1. Essence EFA

    Anyone who knows me, knows that besides a good Isolate and Multi and I am huge proponent of a complete EFA supplement. Here is one that I know will blow you away

    Essence EFA™ is a blend of highly beneficial oils that deliver the essential fatty acids CLA, GLA, ALA, EPA, DHA and Omega 3, 6, & 9 throughout the entire body. The EFA's in Essence EFA&trade are derived from Safflower, Borage Seed, Flax Seed, and Fish oils. These essential fatty acids are used by the brain for concentration and all of your glands for proper hormone production. CLA (conjugated linoliec acid) and GLA (gamma linolenic acid) are two fatty acids showing very promising studies for weight loss, joint lubrication and may help promote younger, healthier looking skin.
    Now, lets get down to the brass tax, price. Each bottle contains 120 capsules, that you can take at 3x per day. Leaving you 40 days per bottle.
    With that said, you can buy 2 and get the 3rd one free for a total $45.98. That is 120 days for under $46. Take into account the 15% off code IML gave you previously, and it is a deal too good to pass up.
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