OH YEAH! My November supps landed. Best products in each class with ease-

Here is how I run this daily.

*, VICAINE- 2 caps the minute I wake up with glass of water.
* Androshred and Androhard- 15 pumps per day each. 5 pumps of each in 3 daily dosages
* MA PUMP- 1 serving 1 hour PWO on workout days. 1/2 serving in the am on non workout days
* VICAINE PM- 2 caps 1 hour before bedtime

How can I get these supps? Either PM me, OR

AndroHard and AndroShred - "WES15" at checkout gets you 15% off at www.musclegelz.com or www.ironmaglabs.com

Vicaine, Vicaine PM, MA PUMP, - "WES20" at checkout gets you 20% off at www.masupps.com

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