Coming back after knee surgery

  1. Coming back after knee surgery

    In June 2017 at that time I had a large loose body taken out along with a fix to my meniscus. was doing well for about two month post-surgery then started having issues again, locking, catching , clicking, giving out, etc. so I followed up with my Dr. and went for a follow up MRI. had that don in OCT finally was able to see home in NOV and he said I will need OATS surgery. he does not handle many OATS surgeries so he referred me to 2 other Drs. unfortunately neither took my insurance but I was able to find a Dr. that did. I saw him yesterday and he is recommending a MEGA OATS procedure. both the femur and the tibia are bone on bone.

    I had the surgery March 8th Here are some pictures of the defect.

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    and I am finally getting back into the gym. Have had to keep things light and easy for now. Just wanted to share my story.

  2. do physical therapy exercises for that knee often

  3. Quote Originally Posted by John Smeton View Post
    do physical therapy exercises for that knee often
    Oh I been going for 5 months now I even do more on my own

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