Elbow injury

  1. Elbow injury

    I follow the Shieko powerlifting program. Took a 2 week break and restarted. 5 days ago I injure both my biceps, halfway healed from that and now my elbow is ****ed to the point I canít fully extend it. Iíve never had injurys so close together. Is this usually caused from over training or lack of nutrients?

  2. How did you originally hurt them? And r both elbows hurting or just one? If itís both and they hurt after you just recovered from a biceps injury I would have to say it may b how/what (form/exercise) you r lifting. Not usual to hurt the same muscle bilaterally especially if you are not typically injury prone

  3. I injured both my biceps by overworking them, I stayed in the gym all day doing Arm excersizes. My right arm is almost back to normal but I still canít sleep on my left side or extend the arm completely.

  4. If that is how it happened I would say itís most likely a bad muscle strain. If you still have strength but itís with pain that is mostly likely what it is. It hurts around the elbow cuz after a long arm day you prolly really inflamed the bicep and triceps tendons and have a bad case of tendinitis which can take a few weeks to go away. I would go find a chiro or pt and get some ART or Graston done. It helps a lot to strip out the tendon and get it to heal. Also to do on your own I would start doing some slow eccentric exercises for the bicep n tricep. One day to biceps, next day to triceps and repeat a few times per week. Donít need to go crazy on the load but b controlled. Tendons respond great to eccentric movements which is why they are a main rehab tool. A tendinitis can last up to 6 weeks so be patient. Boswellia and Tumeric are great full body anti-inflammatories so I highly recommend those and to stay away from Advil and ibuprofen as they can make the injury heal slower. Without being able to see your elbow n do an exam can know for sure whatís wrong but that would b my guess. If it persists Deff need to find a good PT or Chiro

  5. Thanks a lot man. I appreciate the time put into the post.

  6. No problem! Hope it helps!

  7. I actually have been undergoing therapy for an elbow injury for over a year now (on and off). Had multiple surgeries including bone grindings/nerve re-locations etc. I've developed a pretty good relationship with the Occupational Therapists, they specialize in improving/strengthening hand, wrist, and elbow muscles. In the past my OT has told me how weight lifters come to him all the time to improve issues related to tendonitis. With a couple appointments these guys are able to find out why its happening, and through simple corrective measures heal and prevent it from becoming an ongoing problem. It may be worth finding a good OT in your area!

  8. Try smashing the bi and tri with a lacross ball in the areas that hurt....i have to to this with my left shoulder and bi after my SQT day to massage the muscle and get ready for my bench day

  9. Thanks you guys. I really did a number on myself by attempting Shieko back to back without a break.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Laxarcher13 View Post
    Thanks you guys. I really did a number on myself by attempting Shieko back to back without a break.
    Aaaah...to be young and dumb....i miss those days!!!!! Look at ur traing as a marathon not a sprint....slow and steady will keep u in the game much longer....best of luck with healing up man.


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