HGH + TB 500 Road To Self Recovery

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  1. That's good glade to hear your doing better. I got off ny tb 500 was doing a bit better on it but then went for some deep tissue massage therapy on my groin and legs and now I have tingling sensations from my knees down and pain in my heels and feet. Got blood tests done and came back good didn't tell them I was o. Tb 500 and I really don't know what's going on. This tingling feeling is horrible and painful at times . I really don't know what to think now !. Very worried maybe got a bad bottle of tb 500! I'm on my anti-inflammatory pills now but i can't hadle this feeling in my legs? And feet if anyone can think of why and what might be happening would b much appreciated .

  2. I know this is random but since Im new here and cant start a new post Im hoping someone can shed some light on this topic. Im also taking hgh, tb500 and bcp for my tendonitis. I dont take anything for the pain expect I smoke a joint before bed to help with pain and sleep. Heres the catch, I just recently read somewhere that THC raises Somatostatin and Incresed levels of Somatostatin can inhibit GH release after injection. Anyone know if this is true?



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