Okay so I'm going to do a study on the effects of bpc157 and tb500. I have 8 bottles of tb500 at 5mg..and I have 4 bottles of BPC-157 at 5mg. I plan on dosing the tb500 into the subject using the a study I read stating it is dose dependent and there were no levels of toxicity found thus far.

TB500 protocol:
I decided to load the subject for 4 weeks with 8mg/week split into 4mg before bed on monday..and 4mg before bed on wednesday. After that I'll just administer 4mg/week for 2 weeks for a maintenance dose.

BPC 157 protocol:
For the bpc I decided to test the subject with the same protocol used succesfully in a study on pubmed using the 10microgram/kg dosage. This would bring me to a 980mcg daily dose for 4 weeks..followed by a 2 weeks rest period..and then I will resume the dose if the subject is still in need.

Equipment used:
Disposable 29 gauge 1ml .5" slin pin.
Bacteriostatic water.

Questions: I'm unsure where exactly to get Bacteriostatic water..but I have seen several decent looking places online. I am unsure how to reconstitute the powder in the tb500 and bpc 157 in order to make sure I am getting the proper dosage for the said protocol. Granted..I know I may have made the bpc 157 reconstitution a little more complicated in terms of dosage but I wanted to stick as close to the 10microgram/kg protocol as I could.

Administering process: I will be injecting both peptides local to the site of injury. Subcutaneous in the shoulder with the tb500..and IM with the bpc 157.

Type of Injury:
Initially small tear in the rotator cuff according to my physical therapist. I received an MRI over a year later which showed that the tear had healed..but there was a lot of tendon damage at cellular level. The MRI also showed severe bursitis.

Start date:
As soon as it comes in the mail.
I've ordered everything except for the Bacteriostatic water.