Blue Tops - Legit

  1. Blue Tops - Legit

    For those that are in the "know"....

    Generic blue tops with the HGH powder being loose not a compacted disc that I'm familiar with. I've got mixed reviews on various boards. Anyone here have experience with these? Not a good pic, but you can get the idea.

  2. its hard to tell bro, but theres enough gh there to stay on for the rest of your life

  3. thats not even enough for 6 months if im using it. there legit bro. they usually come in a waffer or a broken wafer from being bounced around during shipping but there is at least one source selling it in a powder form and the feedback is all good on it so enjoy.

  4. Greenleaf, you've got a PM bro...

  5. Actually a friend of mine is using those and he says he is getting nothing from them except for the fact that he constantly has to piss. My friend has been on gh for several years so I trust his judgment in terms of supplments effects on his own body; he is an amatuer bb'er. Most gh produces some side effects of varying degrees: CTS, water retention, gyno (sometimes), fat loss, injury repair, skin improvements, thickening of hair, increased energy, etc. If you dont see any of these after 4-6 wks then you are not running gh.




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