PEG-MGF immediately after injection, weird effects!!!!

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    but your saying you had a lot of PMGF in your bottle..could it be that you reconed it and it just died after a month?? did you notice the flushy feelings in the begining when taking MGF?

    Where did I say i used it within a month? After i recon. it i used it within two weeks at 1 mg per week. yes i did but it was instant and gone soon after.

  2. so i started a new vial up and shot 500mcg the other day with only a minor flush, barely noticable. Yesterday i shot 100mcg with 200mcg ghrp6. Today my DOMS is very noticable so i think this is pegmgf just something that is causing the flushing and weird sides after inject (pgh or other contiminate)

  3. well today i did around 750 mcg at 1 g/ml solution of peg mgf IM. The effect was a lot greater than the other peg shots at 300 mcg. metallic taste and flush a quite a bit longer(about a minute) however this did not last as long or as severe as .20 ml of pgh. this was a new vial of pegmgf, so either the amount of contamination(if contaminated) varys between each vials, or the curve of the amount used to how long of the effect is not linear.



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