Help with my rotator cuff

  1. Unhappy Help with my rotator cuff

    Hi fellas. This is my first thread and I really need some help here. Last year I was playing baseball and stupid me, thinking I was Jeter or something, dove to get a ball to my right. As a result, I fell on an outstretched hand and pulled my shoulder up. That same day my shoulder started hurting but I just thought it was sore or something. I stopped working out for a few days and then got rick back on the weight pile. From that point on I have had pain in my shoulder unless I don't work out. I went to the orthopedic surgeon and he took an MRI. He initially said that I had a partial rotator cuff tear (like some frayed tendon). After two months of not working out and doing Physical Therapy, my shoulder didn't hurt. I saw the doctor one last time and he said that it seems like I just had a shoulder tendonitis. He never favored doing surgery because he said that even if I had a tear it was so small that it wasn't clear even on the MRI. As soon as I got back to the gym my shoulder started to hurt and today (06/05/2008) I am back to square one.

    After this history lesson about my shoulder, here is my question: Has any of you gone through similar problems? In case I have a partial tear, is there something I could take, inject or whatever to heal this muscle or tendon that is hurting me? I have already tried Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM and nothing...

    Some friends have mentioned Deca Durabolin, HGH or IGF-1 or something like that. I have read that Deca would only mask out the problem and not heal, and I have also read that HGH would heal the partial tear.

    Please lead me in the right direction here as I have already done a few logical things with no positive outcome.

  2. There are a lot of reasons not to have one, but when i had issues with my rotator cuff the only thing that worked for me was a cortisone injection. Of course i tried physical therapy and rest first.

  3. I forgot to mention I did the cortisone injection too. When I don't work out, my shoulder doesn't hurt. And when I do work out, and then ice it down, the pain goes away after a while.

  4. This post should be quite helpful. Bikerguy, your question has been asked by many, so you are fortunate to have an abundance of info already in the threads

    Can I get feedback on those who use IGF to heal a shoulder?

  5. another post regarding this subject. KW has had success with IGF for his injury...

    HGH for rotator cuff injury

  6. So basically IGF-1 is better for shoulder injuries than HGH?

  7. IGF-1 definitely helps. Do alot of cable work for your rotator cuff. Helped me out alot. Keep up with the glucosomine/chondroitin. Try some cissus also. Its gonna take time to heal. Keep in mind the systematic effects of it also. My legs, mainly hams, gained quite a bit of size while pinning even though I never injected IM in them.

  8. I am turning 30 this year, and from what I have read so far about HGH it seems like this is the age when HGH production starts to go downhill. I am seriously considering it. Does anyone know where I could get it? Maybe a reputable site online? I know that if I go to an anti-aging clinic I can get it, but that will be much more expensive than getting it UG.

    PS: I am doing lots of cable work Kurtis, thanks a lot for everyone's pointers.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by tallbikerguy View Post
    Does anyone know where I could get it? Maybe a reputable site online? I know that if I go to an anti-aging clinic I can get it, but that will be much more expensive than getting it UG.
    A friendly word of warning. You cannot ask for sources like this in an open forum. Please read the rules carefully before you get yourself banned... seriously.

  10. Thanks a lot Boba, yeah I didn't go through all that. My bad.

  11. I wanted to apologize for having asked that question so openly on the forum. You can be sure that was only the product of my rookieness in the field.

  12. Having said that, let's assume I already have the product...For how long should I take it and at how many iu's per day? Thanks

  13. Hey have you sought out a second opinion? I had a similar problem that you have had. I ended up having surgery. That was the only way to rid myself of pain while lifting. My doctor too didn't think my rotator cuff was torn enough for surgery but what he couldn't see well with even an MRI was I had a dislocated upper bicep tendon. The doctor can't tell if there are problems with that until you get cut open. The point is you've been patient with your doctor and tried many different things but bottom line is you still have pain while lifting right? I'd see your doctor again or go see another one.

  14. I'd get set up with a physical therapy protocol. low concentration of an oily possible aromatizable steroid might help, so can cortisone shots (although i'd try to avoid these), GH to help with soft tissue generation. i'd be more inclined to do this after surgery or verification that surgery is not needed. NSAIDS/ice as needed. main thing is to keep up on the PT. Some topicals are helpful too (working on formulating one now). supplement with pro, gly, arg, glu, leu, glucosamine/chondroition, and fish oil if you want.


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