pGH (specifically the GABOB) and cortisol?!

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    Also I dont understand why you are making this personal? I dont even know you. I was simply taking part in the hijacking of this thread (since I was discussing hgh and the original topic was pGH). Further I have lots of personal experience with peptides. Just because I haven't been on this board for years doesnt mean I havent been around the block. So can we leave the personal attacks out?

    it isnt personal at all.

    it's possible that i have you confused with someone else....but i really dont think so. there's plenty of anonymity in a board name, so there's no way to know for sure....listen, i wont go into any more details on this matter, because this isnt the sort of board where sources are called out or even mentioned.

    my final thought: i believe that you truly like HGH, and i guess in the context of this thread, that's all that really matters. even if you did have a professional bias, it wouldnt really matter because there are plenty of other guys out there who share your viewpoint.

  2. i really dont understand the need for any conflict here

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pudzian2 View Post
    i really dont understand the need for any conflict here
    is there a conflict?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SOLARUS View Post
    is there a conflict?
    ....well something was goin on between you and babyblu. hopefully it is over


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