Using IGF to Bring up One Muscle Group?

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    Using IGF to Bring up One Muscle Group?

    On my next cycle I was thinking about adding some IGF to get some extra gains in my delts. Thats the only place I would be concerned with using it right now, because my delts are lagging behind a bit. I've shot IGF in the past but just used the "20mcg per side PWO, 3x a week (diff bodypart each time), 4 weeks on 4 weeks off" protocol.

    What do you think would be the best way to dose to just bring up my delts?

    I work out my delts once a week, and would shoot immediately PWO and then have my usual shake followed by a meal a half hour later. Would I still need the 4 week on - 4 week off protocol for just shooting IGF once a week instead of three times a week?

    Or maybe have 2 shoulder days a week to be able to shoot them twice?

    Any input would be appreciated, and I'm willing to be a guinea pig and experiment a bit with this then share results if anyone has some ideas for dosing.

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    i responded to your thread on
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    Me too.

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