My Final Pgcl Thoughts

  1. My Final Pgcl Thoughts

    I was gonna hold off on this but oh well. I read all the good feedback when purchasing the pgcl. I can only think most of the people were probably on AS or peptides to start with and were giving PGCL all the credit.

    PGCL is good for getting water out of the system and constipation. THATS IT! Nothing magic about it. I did order more as I do hold water and get constipated occassionally but there really isnt any other benefits that I see. maybe that will change on my next 5 amps. If it does, I will certainly let everybody know.

  2. i agree, i used it for gyno and saw no reduction what so ever. just some pretty serious irritation.

  3. probably different every person...I stack it with nutrex lipo and napalm, protein and some essential vitamins. PUMPS and temp rises all day long.

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