help with understanding igf lr3 mixing

  1. help with understanding igf lr3 mixing

    Ok i received my lr3 kit. I got 10ml of sodium chloride and 1mg of lr3 powder. I mixed all of it. Was this incorrect?


  2. Dude you just ruined your IGF!!!!!!! I love how people are so into taking things with out doing ANY research. Did you even attempt to learn about reconstitution before you did this??
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  3. that was exceedingly poorly researched man, one read of any of the IGF stickies would tell you that IGF when mixed with water is stable before it starts to degrade for MAYBE 48 hours, then its pretty much useless. time to buy some more and use acetic acid next time.

  4. You should have mixed 1ml of Acetic Acid with your IGF.

    With what you did, the shelf life of your IGF was cut from years to hours.

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