HGH Fragment 1 month loss of 10bls

  1. HGH Fragment 1 month loss of 10bls

    Hey there all,

    I just wanted to report 1 month results of HGH fragment
    at 200mcg ED. injected Sub Q into both sides of the love handles
    and both sides of the belly.

    Lost 1 1/2 inches around waist but lost a massive 10bls
    in roughly 1 month. The fastest weight loss was made during the first 5 days as had lost 5bls in this small period.

    400 cal was dropped Ed.

    Weighed 189bls and now weigh 179

    Waist was 38" and now is 36.5"

    Will continue this dose for another month and see if there are anymore results.

    Sub Q injected either in morning or afternoon on an empty stomach.

    I wonder if anyone else has experienced these results ?

  2. I used it and really liked it...I didn't log any results but saw noticable decreases in my ab region (of my rat). But I also noticed that the peptide seemed to lose potency after a short time period. I think it would have been better with less mgs per vial, that way it could hold its potency.

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