IGF-1 Hypoglycemic concern. HELP

  1. IGF-1 Hypoglycemic concern. HELP

    The only time i get a chance to go to the gym is at night around 8 PM. I usually go to bed by 12am. Im out of the gym by 9:15 and at that point have already shot my IGF-1. I make sure to load up on the PWO "quick" carbs and I eat a meal with complex carbs and protein about an hour or so afterwards. Immediately before bed I have a protein shake with some peanut butter to fill me up for the night. Sometimes I wake up to use the bathroom and If im hungry I have a protein shake again around 4am.

    I was just wondering if I should be concerned about going hypo while asleep and possibly going into a coma or dying like I could risk doing with insulin.

    Today was my second day on IGF. Yesterday I pinned 50mcg bilaterally into my Pecs and today I pinned the same amount bilaterally into my Tear drops on my quads. After leaving the gym tonight I felt neausous and bloated. (pretty much lousy). My thoughts were that I had too many carbs before my workout and pounded down another hefty PWO shake while still kinda full. AND\OR I was experiencing a little hypo from the IGF-1. It makes me nervous to go to sleep while not knowing If I should expect to go hypo in the middle of the night.

    Any input would be appreciated.


  2. Ive Read My Take on IGF-1 a while ago, I was just hoping for a quick page reference so I dont have to sort through it again

  3. Personally IGF does nothing to my blood sugar but I also am insulin resistant as hell...

  4. The worst you will get out of any reasonable dose of IGF-1 is slight hypoglycemia, nothing health-threatening... Unless you shoot it PWO then go for a drive without taking any carbs, now that would be asking for trouble. Other than that you will be fine.

  5. Yeah I know that with good IGF you will get somewhat lethargic after pinning. I like to munch on oats then pass out for a little bit. As long as your getting some carbs you should be good. Experiment with your dosing as it seems like some people are more responsive then others (or its the quality of IGF).

  6. I think the quality of the stuff has a LOT to do with it, I myself had such a variation in response between suppliers, it isn't funny.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Grunt76 View Post
    I think the quality of the stuff has a LOT to do with it, I myself had such a variation in response between suppliers, it isn't funny.
    Yeah and it looks like its going to be even harder to find quality stuff...

  8. Thanks guys. i was about to get up at the ass crack of dawn to lift so I didnt shoot IGF-1 at night. Now i feel more comfortable. I eat plenty of carbs after my shots. and 50mcg total PWO once a day isn't going to put me in a coma I dont think. Ive just heard so many people say it that it either increassed thier blood sugar or lowered it dramatically. I personally dont see how it would affect it to that degree.


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