IGF - localized growth question?

  1. IGF - localized growth question?

    have been on hgh for 4 weeks now and am ordering IGF this week. i just am just lookin for user results/reviews. i've been hearing alot about localized growth. if i inject IGF-LR3 into my calves will i just get muslce growth only in my calves or will i get overall body muscle growth and claves being more prominent?

  2. The growth will be overall and you will probably lost a little bit of fat as well. You should see some increased growth in your calves as well.

  3. when injecting into calves, do i do each leg or do i spilt it up between all the heads. 10+10 for two right caf heads and vice versa. or does it not matter

  4. If you use it immediately after working out your calves, and you don't use too much, you should get only localized growth. Read Grunts write up on IGF. My take on IGF-1

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