Couple of IGF-1 Q's

  1. Couple of IGF-1 Q's

    I am in my second month of IGF-1, I am using a 3 day a week injection at 40mcg bilaterally. I don't remeber reading on the recommended cycle length, is there one?

    I have been injecting my chest, lats, and quads. I try to pick a different spot to everytime I inject on those area's, but should I switch to area's like my shoulders, arms, calves, hammy's. I was just trying to get the biggest muslce groups first.

  2. i don't think it matter. Aim the muscles you want to grow. How are you liking it so far??

  3. Bump to how long I can stay on?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by b_delgros View Post
    Bump to how long I can stay on?
    With the protocol you're using, I would say you could stay on a while, but just stop when you stop feeling the effects or stop seeing the results. If you are continually seeing results, then stay one til they stop.

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