hey guys, i've been having this recurring problem in my upper left pec\shoulder junction. It is a deep pain and very sharp. it is not stimulated by everyday movements and is not muscle related. i first had the issue doing heavy over head shoulder presses. It was hurting and i kept going and then it felt as though there was Velcro tearing in there. No real inflammation, probably because I iced it immediately and used Anti Inflammatory drugs (advil-aleve) I took two weeks off from chest and just got deep tissue massages, then i went back to benching, and slowly worked my way up, last week i felt almost 90% and this week, after taking another whole week off from a back injury, when i started benching (very light mind you) it right away flared up again. It definately feels like its a tendon problem. I wonder if its a partial tear, or a stretched tendon or something. Anyone with a similary issue? I will go to my orthopedic specialist and have an x-ray or an MRI..anyone with similar problems? what did you do to treat it?