original p-GH administration. HELP

  1. original p-GH administration. HELP

    can anyone tell me the most effective way to administer the original P-GH. Im assuming this would not be the suggested sublingual method....
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  2. You will need slin pins.

  3. so subQ is best? like in abdominal fat? would that be effective? Thanks for your help

  4. Yep. You can do it either sub-q or IM. Sub-q the breathless rush is much less.

  5. thanks man. just out of curiosity, have you tried both SubQ and IM? any opinions of which is best (putting aside the breathless rush)

  6. Both seem to be equally effective overall. I might get just a bit sleepier when I do it IM, but that could just be because it hits a bit harder/faster than sub-q does.

  7. have you ever actually used it orally? is it effective by this administration?

  8. No and no

  9. lol. thanks thats all i needed to know


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