3rd shift slin

  1. 3rd shift slin

    I work third shift, and I train in the morning when I get off . I wanted to add slin to my diet but I think it would be better to inject siln before I go to work , so I can eat thought the night and train the morn and still get to sleep at a good time , with out worring about low blood sugar while I sleep. Is this a good idea? Because I read in the stick post that slin should be taken after training , if taken while not training it would just make you fat.

  2. I know this isn't the question but i've learned on my own that taking slin isn't even worth it if you're not already 100% dead-on in everything you do and need an extra boost. Too many risks and too many variables but...

    I wouldn't do what you had in mind. Do you have any chance to work out before work?

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