?about gh,igf,mgf and tendons

  1. ?about gh,igf,mgf and tendons

    I have had a nagging tendon problem with both elbows for almost 2 years, has anyone ever used gh,igf-1 lr3 or mgf to help heal tendons? If so how did it do? Thanks.

  2. I'm on both gh & igf and because of the joint pain I get from the gh it is sometimes hard to say that I am feeling better, sice I feel like crap most of the time.

    but my year old twisted ankle ingury finally quit hurting &
    the tendonitis in my left elbow isn't flairing up when I bench

    so maybe it helps

  3. they do help tendonitis. if the gh is at too high a dose it will make tendonitis worse though.

    for me mgf + gh had a very good effect. gh at about 1.5 - 2 iu eod after hard training.

  4. Thanks for your replies, Natty did you pin the mgf in the area of your tendon pain? Nice legs Doll.

  5. did the peg mgf sub q near the tendon pain. i did igf im near the pain and it made it worse because of the adhesions in the muscle (from the shot).



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