my igf cycle: diet and injection protocol, Is it any good?

  1. my igf cycle: diet and injection protocol, Is it any good?

    What do you think about my first igf-1 protocol? Cycle coming next november. This should insure minimal downregulation. After all downregulation is the only real concern.

    1/ diet, is a 35p/50c/15f ideal? My thinking: eating a whole bunch of carbs is a good idea on an insluline like hormone, increased carb sensitivity, faster glycogen restoring, etc ... Or should I up my protein intake, and go on a 45/35/20.

    2/Any other comments maybe? Injection protocol, dose? I choose on purpose to stick to 20mcg/muscle/side regardless of the size of the muscle. I'll see how I do with 20, If I feel that upping it to 30mcg for larger muscles is a good idea, I'll do that. But first, I wanna see how well I do with 20.

    3/Will be adding 1000cals/day to OFF cycle diet, and see how I do with the fat gain. So on pinning days 1000 calories more than maintenance level, and most probably also, on no pinning training days (either 4 or 5 training days). Drop to +500cals on rest days(not exactly rest days 30 minutes cardio).

    4/Feel free to add your comments ... good or bad.

    Appreciate you guys, and Doll (but you've already told me that you like it, via PM) take the time to go through this.

    Injection protocol
    40 mcg 20x2 bilat postworkout.

    Week 1, week 4:
    Legs 40 mcg (20 bilateral)
    Lats 40 mcg (20 bilateral)
    Pecs 40 mcg (20 bilateral)

    week 2, week 5:
    Delts 20x2
    Calves 20x2
    Glutes 20x2

    week 3 week 6
    Trapz 20x2 Trapz 20x2
    Bis 20x2 Bis -
    Tris 20x2 Tris -

    As far as diet, I'll be eating like a madman ... 35/50/15 (prot/carbs/fat) limiting fat intake postpinning, low GI, slow absorbing carbs all day long, even post workout, I'll just add 2 spoons of honey with my post workout shake, and in case, I feel hypo, I'll add some more simple carbs postworkout.

    From preworkout (~7-8pm workout) to bed here is what I'll be eating

    --- 2 hours 30 prior--- brown rice + chicken/red meat/thuna/eggs .. + veggies

    ---1 hour-30 minutes prior--- Oats + milk + whey (some don't like this preworkout shake because of all the fibers, but this should insure a prolonged protein release for the next few hours ... I am all about slow prolonged release, don't like fast absorption).

    ---15 minutes prior to 15 minutes post--- BCAA's 15 grams

    Igf-1 pinning directly post ...

    ---20 minutes later (after pinning)--- Oats + milk + whey (see above as to why ... don't feel it is necessary to get my whey absorbed all that fast seeing that I am drinking BCAA's during lifting, and that my shake from preworkout is still releasing protein ... all about sustained release of nutrients.) + 2 spoons honey + fruit

    ---hour later (after postworkout shake)--- low GI + chicken + veggies

    ---1h1/2--- 5g BCAA's

    ---2h--- low GI + chicken + veggies

    ---2h1/2--- 5g BCAA's

    ---3h--- cottage cheese and oats + milk before going to bed.

    I am gonna keep it simple ... just eat a whole bunch ... and as far as high GI, It's not slin so I should be good consumming low GI/slow releasing carbs ...

  2. Looks pretty good to me bro. I take it you aren't running any aas with this?

  3. I think it looks alright. You will have no problems with 1000 additional cal/day. I don't even think that you need to lower calories on non-pinning days. Once IGF has attached to its receptor, it does its thing for a considerable amount of time post-injection. I think you should keep cals high on all days. You will not be able to gain fat on IGF. Take advantage of this fact.

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