HGH + IGF-1 for endurance athletes

  1. HGH + IGF-1 for endurance athletes

    hey guys.

    i need some help with my protocol.

    i am a road cyclist who wants to recover faster, loose fat and weight, to get better capilarisation, better metabolism for endurance etc.

    regarding that, how should the hgh and igf-1 protocol look like?

    i have to avoid bloating, muscle pump etc.

    at the moment i am on 2,5 ie hgh ed and 66mcg igf-1 ed.
    igf-1 i go for 4 weeks, then a break and then only pwo about 4 times a week.

    how should i handle the hgh?

  2. are you avoiding the pump now?

    that igf gives me killer pumps when I ride.

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