GHRP-6 recon, storage... easy questions,

  1. GHRP-6 recon, storage... easy questions,

    I got some free GHRP-6 sent to me, but I can find any answers to these easy questions for some reason...

    Is GHRP-6 reconstituted in BW?
    Is it neccessary to store in the freezer?

    sorry for the newbie questions, i googled it and searched on here... no recent specific threads dealt with it

    walking donut

  2. Yes it is reconstituted with BA water and stored in the refrigerator after reconstitutionitiontion


  3. thanx bud

  4. I recently started doing a500mcg shot every night before bed, right off the bat I am waking up feeling more rested and refreshed, so far I like this stuff.

  5. Man i cant wait til mine gets here-its been forever! Last time i ran it i loved the mood elevation from it and more satisfying and renergizing sleep. Boosted my appetitely nicely too. Ran it for only 1 month last time at about 333 mics daily /2 . Goin longer w/ higher dosing this time cuz im gettin lots more!:bb:



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