AA and muscle burn?

  1. AA and muscle burn?

    Hey Guys,

    First post here... I have 2 mg of igf at home and it came with 2 vials of aa, not sure on the quantity of aa in the vials, looks to be 2 ml's each.

    Anyways, I wa reading through that super long stickied thread up top and came across someone talking about the AA possibly damaging the muscle if you don't dilute it with BAC water or BW (what's bw again? i can't remember.) I was originally planning on just shooting the igf with AA straight, and I don't mind the sting, I just don't want to damange more muscle cells in the process of trying to grow new ones.

    side question, I have 10 ml's of bac water that came with a hcg kit i got 2 mths ago. I used the 2ml's for the hcg, and since then the bac water's been sitting in the fridge. Is it still okay to use? does bac water need to be refridgerated? I doubt it, and it's probably a stupid question but if I here the AA will damage enough muscle, i would like to be able to bring the bac water in my glasses case to the washroom to mix before I pin the ifg. Thanks for the help!


  2. anyone know?

  3. ahhh bump bc i've been using it without any BW...bacteriostatic water

  4. What is AA?

  5. I think it's ok to use without AA. Using bac water is mainly just to make sure that you get all of the IGF out of the needle. And you could probably assum there will still be some liquid left in the syringe no matter what. I'm assuming your syringes are 1 cc or 1/2 cc. Just put in however much IGF you're going to use in the needle and fill the rest with bacteriostatic water (that's what you were thinking of). Then inject. Again, you don't have to, but I mean is it really that big of a deal to have to put some more fluid in there? Yeah the needle will be a little more dull but a little pain is good for you.



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