Advice/help needed!

  1. Advice/help needed!

    When I was reconstituting my IGF in AA, I tried to push the plunger slowly into the vial of lyophillized IGF, but it went in fast for the first .3 mL or so and sprayed directly onto the powder, which I know everyone says NOT TO DO. Did I just ruin my IGF? It definitely hit the powder directly. I shot it last night PWO 50 mcg, felt nothing. Also, my fridge was too cold I think and i had it in there for like 30 mins and the outside of the vial started to frost--no freezing inside though.

    Anyway, I'm just nervous that i ****ed up my igf, especially by spraying it directly when I first pushed the plunger. ugh, this is annoying. Any thoughts? How easy is it to damage?


  2. I did the same thing with my first vial of IGF-1, squirted it onto the powder but it didn't ruin it - I still got awesome results. I doubt yours is ruined. Don't throw it away, keep using it, you have nothing to lose.

  3. Idid the same thing with my first vial.its fine.growth is the ****!!!!good luck!

  4. Only weird thing is that I took 50 mcg today pwo and waited approx 30 mins before eating anything and I didn't get light headed or anything at all. I thought that was supposed to happen to most people. Is it worth bumping the dosage next time to see if it's been damaged? I'm not really sure, b/c i feel kind of lethargic but maybe just b/c i slept like 7 hours. I cant really tell if I have any sides or not. grrr

  5. I take 40x2 PWO-I never felt lightheaded or anything.its fine,start low and see how u make out.this is strong ****.your mind is just ****ing with you.good luck

  6. Question:

    I have always been trained that when injecting AAS you should pull the plunger back first to where you want to fill and then inject into the vial and slowly push the air in and then pull back to where you want it. That is supposed to keep the pressure balance correct. Otherwise you're pulling liquid out and nothing is replacing it. So my question is, should you do this with IGF vials as well? I have been doing it, but it just came to me that it may damage the peptide to inject air. Given I slowly inject it, but nonetheless, what is the concensus?

  7. Don't inject air every time. Also I don't feel much if anything in terms of hypo or such when I inject. Your stuff should be good bro.

  8. Okay, I won't inject air anymore. Do you say this b/c it will damage the igf or because it's a waste of time?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by homesliceyea View Post
    Okay, I won't inject air anymore. Do you say this b/c it will damage the igf or because it's a waste of time?
    I was told not to by someone with more experience than me. I did read that you should inject air in the vial before you reconstitute.
    Quote Originally Posted by krzna View Post

    First remove the vacuum from the vial, by injecting air into it. when the vacuum is gone it will no longer pull the plunger down

  10. Before you reconstitute, yes, that's standard procedure, but are you saying you have never been told, even with AAS, to inject air each time you draw from it? Think about it, you are pulling out fluid but not replacing it with anything, so you are recreating a pressure imbalance, I think. I know you're supposed to with oil based gear, but my supplier says igf isn't THAT fragile and injecting air prolly won't damage it at all. So I don't know, lol


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