20 mg vial ghrp-6

  1. 20 mg vial ghrp-6

    If I added 3 ml of bw to my vial and have a 1/2 cc slin pin how how much would I need to draw back to get 200 mcgs of ghrp-6, 300 mcgs?

    Please somebody help me with this I think I have it figured out but keep doubting myself and don't want to waste a good thing!

  2. 1ml is 6,666 mg, so a 50U slin pim with 0.5ml would give
    333mcg for a 1/10th of the scale, 166mcg for 1/20th of the scale, so you may want to add some more mls water, to make it easier to divide and loose less of the drug, when you empty the vial / syring.

  3. 1ml = 6,666mg 0.5ml = 3,333mg(=3333mcg), so 1/10 of the scale of your pin will give 333mcg-

    You may want to ad a ml or more to make it easier to determine and measure out the dose.

  4. So if I draw back to the number 5 on my 1/2 cc slin pin I'll have 333 mcg's. Right?

    Another quick question. Is it a big deal if one didn't have bw to just use sterile water?

    BTW thankyou for your answer and just to point out the reason I didn't add more water was because the vial is so damn small I could only get 3 cc's in it maybe 3 1/2 but I didn't want to chance it.

  5. Yep, thatīs right, no problem, if you take jsut water īthereīs a chance of bacteria to devlop or gettinī in and destroying the peptide, so adding a drop of benzylalcohol might help a lot to perserve your peptide better ( in most the patents BA is always No.1 choice for longterm perservation)

  6. I fit 4ml in my 10mg ghrp-6 vial, and the vial holds 5ml..

  7. Thank you for the feedback boys. I'll get some bw in there asap, it's only been like 2 days so I think things should be fine?

    As for fitting more then 3 ml in my vial? Not possible, I know you can get 60 ml in a 50 ml vial and about 15 ml in a 10 ml vial. However there is not more room in this tiny vial.

    Hey BigPete, how many mcgs do you use how often and how do you like it in terms of appetite?

  8. I'm takin' 500mcg ED before bed.. No appetite to speak of, but I have been leaning out.. It's not the ghrelin-based product, but I heard if you dose it twice daily you get hungry..

  9. Yes and three times equals


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