Nerve Damage

  1. Nerve Damage

    I am looking for something that could help grow back a nerve in my leg that controls the muscle that lifts my foot. Its in front of my calf towards the outside. I have grown 2inches of nerve back because I can use this portion of the muscle. I now have a wad of muscle that is lacking strength but big. I was told nerve grow about an inch a month and it's been too long. It should have grown 2 times over now. Can I inject IGF into the muscle that is working and cause the nerve to start growing? It was caused from trauma from a blood clot. I have tried to shock the muscle and it doesn't respond. Help I don't want to be a semi cripple this young.

  2. I had some surgery on my right bicep near the origin a year ago. They nicked a nerve on my forearm that controlls all the feeling on the skin on the inside of my forearm down to my wrist. While I didn't do any IGF after the surgery (didn't know about it), I have been for a few months now. There has not been any difference in the numbness I have in my arm.

    In other words, it hasn't grown any nerves in my arm. Maybe if I'd used it right away?

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