1. mixing

    I know this is a stupid question but i havent found an answer in searching.I have 1000mcg of long r3 IGF-1,6%acetic solution,and0.9%NaCl Solution.do i mix the acetic with the IGF,slowly swirl around until dissolved,then what?planing on 20-40 mcg every 3rd day.any help out there????...already got the pins.

  2. bro this has been asked and answered a bunch of times by me and others.

    but here you go.

    add 1cc of aa to igf. don't squirt it in. tilt on its side and do it slowly.
    then draw out 40 mcg 4 tick marks on the slin pin. I use 29g 1/2cc
    next add BW to the pin. I draw out to 10 tick marks with the BW added to the igf.

    i hope this helps..

  3. thanks jonesman,use the same pin to pull up the water than shoot? thanks for the help.

  4. What pins have you got?

    for 1cc of aa in the 1mg of IGF...

    1ml slin pin, each tick is 20mcg
    1/2ml slin pin, each tick is 10mcg


  5. 29 1/2cc slin pins.. have to draw it out twice to make 1cc



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