IGF, MGF, HGH and Suppression

  1. IGF, MGF, HGH and Suppression

    Has there been any studies or blood work of subjects to show that there is suppression in the pituitary from any of the above substances? Or are the receptors just clogged after they stop and the natural substance can not be effective? How long until things return to normal and what is the recovery like?

  2. synthetic HGH will suppress natural GH output. the others? i dunno - it would be interesting to find out though. natural GH converts to MGF and IGF, but do these factors provide feedback to the HPTA that would compel it to slow (or cease) production?

  3. after an igf cycle your natural igf will be suppressed for a short time. I am not sure about hgh suppression. I do know that you don't do it before bed so as not to interfere with normal gh production.. thats all i know and i'm sticking to it..

  4. I would say bottom line, that your body has a way of measuring levels of anything it outputs.
    When starting from the top with GH, your body will supress it's natty GH production (which influences igf, which influences mgf...)

    Going upstream might dely supression (like if your taking mgf, then less igf is spliced towards mgf, leaving more igf floating, telling the liver to ease up a bit, eventually untill it gets to the source), but I'm sure your body will compensate.

  5. IGF-1 administration lowers both natural GH and IGF-1 but they will return to normal within a few days of discontinuance.



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