hgh accidentally frozen, still good if thawed out?

  1. hgh accidentally frozen, still good if thawed out?

    so yeah my wife had a brain lapse and thought it was okay to put my vial of hgh in the freezer. when i got home it was frozen but i was wondering if i let it thaw out in the fridge, would it still be okay? or should i just throw it out and reconstitute another vial...

  2. *bump* oral hgh is bull****. this topic is actually important

  3. If it was reconstituted (mixed with bac water), yes it is useless. Like most things having water and then frozen, the molecules connections break up structurally during the freezing/thawing process, rendering it useless for the intended purpose as it is no longer what it was. If it was still powder form, it should be good.


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