ifg injection

  1. ifg injection

    I'm thinking of taking a 21-25 day cycle of igf during pct of a superdrol cycle. I know a guy who took it who just injected it into the fat of his stomach after training and in the mornings on off days. He just did a short 10 day cycle. I've read, however, that it's better to inject directly into the muscle trained. Half in one muscle and half in the other. Has anyone maybe tried both just injecting into the stomach fat, and injecting directly into the muscle trained? On a side note. I would assume that if I injected into my pecs, half in each pec, I would need to use a separate needle for each pec. Am I correct in assuming that? Or am I just being overly cautious and I would be fine with one needle as long as I cleaned the areas with alcohol? I'm really far away from starting this cycle. Just trying to grab a little info before I make up my mind just what I'm going to do.

  2. And also, to add to this...I'm going to do 60 mcg of it per day.

  3. I think you should check out our IGF/GH/Slin section. You'll find all the info you need.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TeamSavage View Post
    Whoa! Thanks. If I have a question I'll get back to you in about 6 months, once I'm done reading this thread!



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